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We all know by now that our planet is in deep trouble. We have abused it horribly and we are paying the price. It’s time to try to do what we can, both as individuals and collectively, to find better and kinder ways to live. It’s not our right; it’s our responsibility. We are all guilty. We can all c h a n g e. [x]

he’s a stranger to some and a vision to none, he can never get enough, get enough of the one, for a fortune he’d quit, but it’s hard to admit how it ends and begins on his face is a        m a p  o f  t h e  w o r l d.

"I live by the rule that you should follow your dreams… no matter what you do, you should follow your dreams."

2010 vs. 2013



 Love Lust Faith + Dreams  |  Thirty Seconds To Mars

"This record is a left turn for us. I think it was unexpected in a lot of ways. I think it surprised people in a lot of ways. I think that this album made it okay to like Thirty Seconds To Mars for a great deal of people. It’s a brave album. It’s not a record filled with repeat offenders. It’s not a follow-up to another album. It’s its own work. In this day and age of the pop single, it goes against that formula and sort of thinking. At the end of the day, I made the record that was in my heart, my head, and my gut."

Happy birthday, Jared Leto!